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Queen Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is a thick paste that is made b cooking tomatoes for several hours straining them to remove the seeds and skin, and cooking them again to reduce them to a think, rich concentrate.

In contrast, tomato puree is consistency between crushed tomatoes and tomato paste. And consists of tomatoes that have been boiled briefly and strained.

It was traditional made in parts of Sicilia, south Italy and Malta by spreading out a much-reduced tomato sauce on wooden boards. The boards are set out doors under the hat August sun to dry the paste until it is ready enough, when scraped up, to hold together in a richly colored, dark ball. Toda, this artisan products harder to find than the industrial version. Commercial production users tomatoes with thick pericarp walls and lower overall moisture, these are very different from the tomatoes will find in a supermarket.

Product Specification

Queen tomato paste made from 100% fresh, ripened and sound tomatoes with skin and seeds removed, processed under good hygienic and good manufacturing practices to ensure the quality and food safety standards.

Shelf-life, Handling & Storage

Store in clean, dry, well-ventilated area. Prevent direct sunlight to the products. After opening the pack store in refrigerator and consume within 1 week.
12-24 months depends on packing and country legislation from the date of manufacturing and under appropriate storage conditions.


Brix22 – 24% & 28 - 30%
TypeCold Break
Packing Glass Jars Plastic Buckets Pouches Tin Cans
  • 24 X 100 gm.
  • 12 X 200 gm.
  • 12 X 325 gm.
  • 12 X 370 gm.
  • 6 X 650 gm.
  • 6 X 750 gm.
  • 4 X 4.5 kg.
  • 100 X 70 gm.
  • 4 X 25 X 50 gm.
  • 4 X 25 X 70 gm.
  • 24 X 400 gm.
  • 12 X 800 gm.
(*)Other packing also available on customer request - terms & conditions apply.

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