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Hot Chocolate

It Started in Mexico. As early as 500 BC, the Mayans were drinking chocolate made from ground-up cocoa seeds mixed with water, cornmeal, and chili peppers (as well as other ingredients)—a much different version from the hot chocolate we know today. Hot chocolate's history goes quite a way back, and the drink has changed over the years, evolving from cold and spicy to warm and sweet. Up until the 19th century, hot chocolate was used as a treatment for stomach and liver diseases as well as a special drink. Today, however, we simply treat this warm concoction as a beverage to sip and savor.

Product Specification:

Instant hot chocolate powder derived from alkalized cocoa-dark brown powder blended with sugar and creamer to provide an instant ready to drink powder mix, to which only hot water needs to be added and stirred to provide exceptional cup of hot chocolate.


25gm in sachet x 10 pcs in one inner x 12 inners in one outer carton.

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