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3-in-1 Instant Coffee

The desire to make coffee instantly by simply mixing a liquid or dry concentrate with hot water goes back hundreds of years. The earliest documented version of instant coffee was developed in Britain in 1771. The first American product was developed in 1853, and an experimental version (in cake form) was field tested during the Civil War. In 1901, the first successful technique for manufacturing a stable powdered product was invented in Japan by Sartori Kato, who used a process he had developed for making instant tea. Five years later, George Constant Washington, a British chemist living in Guatemala, developed the first commercially successful process for making instant coffee. Washington's invention, marketed as "Red E Coffee," dominated the instant coffee market in the United States for 30 years, beginning around 1910.

Product Specification:

Special 3-in1 blended coffee designed and developed for the satisfaction of discerning coffee lovers providing the ultimate drinking experience anytime.


20g x 36 sachets per Pouch.

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