Trofina Tea – Instant 3 in 1 Premix

3 in 1 premix is research based hot water soluble formulation of Premium Quality. Assam Tea, Europe Origin Milk Derivatives, High Quality Natural Spices with Best quality sugar and other ingredients Black Tea Camellia sinensis contains Caffeine, polyphenols, including flavonoids, and catechins etc. Trofina Tea we tried to select best quality rich aroma Indian Assam tea. Black Tea (Camellia sinensis), An enzymatic oxidation process triggered by the plant's intracellular enzymes causes the leaves to turn progressively darker as their chlorophyll breaks down and tannins are released. After Full fermentation/brewing we processed for Extraction. We are using powdered tea extract, rolex replica watches enriched with Phytochemical properties with garden fresh aroma.

Karak Tea - 3 in 1 Instant Premix - Classic Taste

Premium quality Assam Tea. Unique blend of traditional taste with balanced formulation of tea heritage. Instant dissolve premix in hot water. Enjoy the Premium tea and boost up your mood, anytime & anywhere.

Adeni Tea – 3 in 1 Instant Premix – Arabic Taste

Tea is part of Tradition of Culture & Lifestyle in Arab. We are serving refreshing tea experience. We are using premium Assam tea with best quality spices. Enjoy the Flavour and fragrance of arabic traditional spices. Traditional Arabic tea with time tested formulation.

Ginger Tea - 3 in 1 Instant Premix – Refreshing Taste

Natural Ginger with Premium Assam Tea. Experience the tea with Invigorating and Pungent taste & Aroma.

Cardamom Tea - 3 in 1 Instant Premix – Relaxing Taste.

Traditional Cardamom with Premium Assam tea, a perfect Relaxing & Refreshing experience.

Masala Tea - 3 in 1 Instant Premix – Indian Taste

Masala chai is a flavored tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices. Traditional Indian style of MasalaTea.

How To Use:

  • Tear the sachet.
  • Pour the powder into a glass and then add boiled water.
  • Drink the mixture.
150 ml of boiled water. Allow to infuse Premix sachet for 1 minute .You may use 100 ml water for strong tea. Enjoy the premium tea experience.